Our Teacher

Miss. Mahmood

Our world needs educational systems that honour the individual, and that teach us how to cooperate, collaborate, and love one another. Sprouting Minds Learning Centre Inc., is my vision of a community where children feel celebrated, where families feel included, and where teachers feel inspired to learn alongside children.

Although my educational background is in Business Administration and Interior Design, since the birth of my son, I discovered that my true passion is caring for and nurturing children. My background in arts profoundly impacts the work that I do as an educator; and combined with my belief in the constructivist and Reggio philosophies, I can help children learn, make connections and form knowledge, alongside with me.

I absolutely love working with the children and seeing them explore, play, socialize, learn and grow. I am dedicated to the children’s well-being and will ensure their experiences are positive ones. I am gentle in my approach and care about every child’s learning and emotional needs and will ensure each little one feels successful.

Our Mission

Our mission is to “inspire socially capable, creative learners who can shape the future and be global citizens” through our unique combination of the Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and Montessori approaches.


Our goal is preserve each child’s love for learning and most importantly foster this into a lifelong drive to learn and grow. One of the most important requirements of learning is an interest, and preferably a passion, for learning and knowledge acquisition. Without this drive, learning is nearly impossible to achieve.

Children have a natural love of learning and our job is to provide them with opportunities to learn in their own way. All children are kinesthetic learners and absorb more when they are learning through hands on experiences. It is said that in childhood the hands have a special connection with the brain. What children touch, and feel are “hardwired’ directly to the brain and learning becomes effectively imprinted, which highlights the importance of choice in activities.

Our Philosophy is a blend of theory and practice that challenges the educator to see children as competent and capable learners in the context of both group work and individual learning. Our Program is built upon the following foundations:

How to think, not what to think

  • Fostering creativity and helping each child develop skills of observation, reflection and judgement that empowers them to build their understanding of subjects. These skills gives each child the confidence to make sense of what they experience in the real world.

Appreciation of Individuality

  • Help each child become centered, having confidence to pursue their purpose.
  • Creating opportunities to enhance each child’s learning by meeting a variety of learning styles.
  • Cultivating good habits specifically habits of character.

Social and Personal Responsibility

  • Cultivating interpersonal skills, mindfulness, self-awareness, empathy, and altruism, community service, self-care and caring for others, and other social and emotional skills.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Developing a sense of wonder and appreciation for the richness of the world.
  • Helping each child develop a personal connection to the world, community, nature, and self.
  • Spending large qualities of time outdoors, allowing children to experience and observe the natural environment first hand. Learning the living ways of nature by spending time outdoors.
  • Nature journaling – Journal keeping and encouraging sketches of found items or things of interest. Children will be encouraged to personally draw plants, wildlife or any other natural found object found in its natural setting.

Experiential Learning

  • Bringing the right subject at the right developmental moment, is complemented by teachers who create opportunities for the children to experience deeply what they are learning.

Creativity and Art Appreciation

  • Problem-solving, innovation, and critical thinking are highly related to creativity. Art is a way to creatively express one’s ideas, experiences, and emotions. Art invites children to engage in the creative process, teaching new ways of thinking and to see the world from multiple perspectives.
  • Introducing children to artists and their paintings. Allowing them to look at the work of art, for a period, and then ask them to narrate back what they see. Children are encouraged to recreate the art with their own understanding of colours.

Commitment to Community

  • Striving to inspire our students to evolve into creative thinkers who are personally centered and strongly connected to humanity and the environment.