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For The Love Of Dinosaurs

During the first few weeks of Preschool, I spent time observing children and building a relationship with each and every one of them. I was there to listen, supervise and support the children as they played and learned and I took notes valuing their interest in Dinosaurs. This subject naturally interests all children, therefore it […]

A Fall Mandala Provocation

Provocations can be described as deliberate and thoughtful actions taken by adults to provoke or extend children’s thinking. Interesting invitations as such are starting points to encourage interest, involvement, creativity, and thinking. The goal is to spark interest, ideas, theories, questions that engage the children’s thinking. I am truly inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and Dietmer Voorwold’s […]

The Study of Pumpkins

The following activities were planned to develop and promote creative thinking, language, math, and science skills. The children were asked to describe the appearance of a pumpkin. The pumpkins were covered with a bit of mud. Children were given the opportunity to wash the pumpkins with brushes, soap and water. We discussed the life cycle […]

The Haunted House On The Trampoline

Our program offers children free choice work time at the beginning of each day; during which they are free to choose their own materials. During this time children talk to their friends, explore materials, concepts, and conduct experiments. Friday, Yousuf designed and built a “Haunted House on the Trampoline”. He was eager to show his […]

Little Engineers At Work

The inside of the playhouse remains unfinished. We planned on painting the interior a light colour and that would save us the time and labour of boarding up the walls. Then we decided to board the walls with 1/8” plywood tiles. Two walls are complete and the project has stalled due to the weather. One […]

Treasures of Fall

Fall is in full swing around here and with that comes many fallen treasures on the ground. Children are fascinated with such natural treasures and are always keen on sharing their observations and interests with one another. One evening Yousuf and I went for an autumn walk in the grounds of Golden Ears Park where […]

Why Choose a Home based Preschool?

Parents are more often choosing a home-based preschool as an option, an upward trend in early childhood education that has many rewards. Sprouting Minds is a home-based Preschool that strives to provide a high-quality program designed to develop skills necessary for success in Kindergarten and beyond. So the question is, why choose a home-based preschool? […]

Make memories this weekend

These simple, imaginative, and fun activities open new windows in a world dominated by technology. I encourage you to get out and make memories with your children this weekend. Gardening with your kids  Gardens are full of magic and surprises. Gardening with children is your chance to partner      with Mother Nature to make […]