Classroom size matters

Research completed by Conscious Discipline states that a typical preschool classroom has 60 conflicts per hour. That equals to 1 per minute! The main reason for this is a larger group size (20 children) of same-aged children.

All of the children in a same-age group have the same needs and skills. They are part of a classroom filled with conflict. Teachers are busy redirecting and separating children instead of using this time to teach conflict management skills. As a result, children’s social skills are hindered and the environment can create lasting behavior problems.

Classroom size matters! Our class size, at Sprouting Minds Preschool, is much smaller than an average preschool. Our classes have 8 students maximum. The students range in age from 30 months to 5 years. This allows the teacher to attend to the needs of individual students, and there is more instruction time since conflicts are fewer.

While practicing conscious discipline, we help children learn the skills to resolve conflict and carry on these skills into adulthood. We help them communicate how they want to be treated by asking questions and allowing them to come up with solutions in a respectful manner. We help by modelling and suggesting words that can be used to handle a conflict, always encouraging that respect is the most important trait in building relationships. Our goal is to empower children to be socially successful as well as develop cognitively during their preschool years.