Why Choose a Home based Preschool?

Parents are more often choosing a home-based preschool as an option, an upward trend in early childhood education that has many rewards. Sprouting Minds is a home-based Preschool that strives to provide a high-quality program designed to develop skills necessary for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

So the question is, why choose a home-based preschool?

  1. Home-based preschools offer a secure transition from home to school. Your child will experience the interaction with other children but not get lost in the shuffle of a chaotic center, which may be overwhelming, especially for children who have spent their first years at home. The setting is familiar and usually more comfortable.
  2. Home based preschools offer mixed-age classes. This allows students to learn from their older peers or mentor younger peers. When students are placed in a classroom environment with only students of the same age, it limits their socialization and can often result in conflict (since all children typically have the same skill set).
  3. Home-based preschools generally have one teacher and smaller class sizes. This allows for more one-on-one interaction, and the teacher has more freedom to teach to the individual skills and needs of the children in the class.
  4. Home-based preschools allow the teacher to be flexible and flow with the needs of the children. The teacher can adapt each lesson to the skills of the students, in contrast to a larger center that may be required to follow a strict schedule or lesson plan. A teacher in a home-based preschool can spend more time on concepts that have proven more challenging for the students or move along more quickly when children have already grasped a concept. If the students show a particular interest in a lesson, the teacher has the flexibility to dive deeper into that subject.
  5. Instead of switching classes, children in a home-based preschool have the opportunity for consistency with one teacher over multiple years. The teacher and student form a greater bond and the teacher can learn more about the individual needs of each student.
  6. There is usually a higher level of supervision in home-based preschools, which, especially during outdoor play time results in fewer injuries and conflicts.
  7. Children in home-based preschools typically get sick less. Fewer children means that the cold and flu aren’t spread like wildfire.

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