Make memories this weekend

These simple, imaginative, and fun activities open new windows in a world dominated by technology. I encourage you to get out and make memories with your children this weekend.

Gardening with your kids

 Gardens are full of magic and surprises. Gardening w6525210ith children is your chance to partner      with Mother Nature to make magic. Just  dig in  and grow something beautiful or good to eat.  Your garden is your treasure chest which  you can  explore together. Watch them pull a carrot  from the earth or see the anticipation in  their eyes  creating a bouquet of flowers they grew.  Adults and children, both learn patience in  the garden  while waiting for nature to take its  course. Giving children responsibilities like  watering the  plants and pulling weeds can help  them learn life long-skills.


Build a secret fort outdoorsSimple-Sheet-Tent

Find a spot in the yard where you can build a fort. Ask them to line up rocks to make borders.   Rope together big branches to make walls. Or even build something from scrap wood. Drape old sheets over lower tree limbs and clotheslines. Have a picnic there.

Car wash


Children love being outdoors, running around and findings ways to play with water. Washing  the car is a great way to get children involved in an activity while “helping” mom and dad.  They can even wash their bikes, scooters, and outdoor toys.


Go on a Bug Hunt

Go on a hunt in the woods, your garden or a playground to see what you can find. Bugs tend to like dark, damp places so investigate leaf piles, under logs and tiny nooks and crannies, as well as flowers and plants. Be sure to teach them to respect nature and leave their homes as you find them.



Chalk it Upweightlifter

Sidewalk art is a fun and creative way to make art and be outside. Kids love sidewalk chalk. Use the glow-in the dark kind so you and your child can glimpse your artwork from the window at bedtime. You can also make scenes, strike poses and take pictures.